MO 72 / Magdalena Hueckel & Małgorzata Wielek / Exercices d’étirement /

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The limber Sisters (Magdalena Hueckel & Małgorzata Wielek)

« Stretching exercises »
to the 23 of july in le dernier cri workshop
friche belle de mai marseille
« Stretching Exercises » is another exhibition in which gymnasts Malgorzata Wielek and Magdalena Hueckel. Working in different techniques, the artists are united by their themes and the surreal nature of their works.
In Małgorzata’s paintings taken out of context, disturbing figures are placed between layers of stains, lines and surrealistic inscriptions. Human-animal creatures meet in para religious rituals, blood oozes from wounds and smiling Yorkies are hugged and stroked.
In the “Nudes” series Hueckel deconstructs a two-volume photography manual published in the 1950s. In an act of rebellion, the artist cut up the publication and, from the remaining fragments of standardized female bodies, created collages according to her own canon of beauty based on myths, religions and indigenous beliefs. In her collages, the division into genders and genres disappears, replaced with a glorification of freedom and power, and a search for the repressed, the devalued, the forbidden