About us

Le Dernier Cri // since 1993

Le Dernier Cri is a French artists’ publishing house that generates beautiful, intense, often disturbing limited-edition books, prints, and animations.  Drawing upon underground comics and “art brut” (outsider) artists, and emerging out of the Paris punk scene of the 80’s and 90’s, DC specialises in silkscreen and a form of pre-digital offset printing that results in richly coloured, sensuous and highly detailed surfaces, coupled with imagery that is both seductive and alarming.

Director Pakito Bolino run a busy screen printing workshop at La Friche Studios, Marseille, churning out a prolific catalogue of books featuring work by artists from Europe, America, Japan and South America.  Titles range from “Flip Flop Prophets” by Owen Plummer to Andy Bolus’ “Deathnyland”, Ichiba Daisuke’s “Fotomanko”, and the notorious “Hopital Brut”, a compilation of work by various artists.

Born in 1993 from the 80s’ french “undergraphic” movement, Le Dernier Cri  produced more than 300 silk-screened books in 20 years. An astounding  production who includes the magazine “Hôpital Brut”, a lot of exhibitions, records and animation films.

Le Dernier Cri built an international network between artists all around the world and still milite for an expression who could mix up the “art brut” inheritance with traditional comics’ elements and the production of new objects by graphism – that is the visual form of what le Dernier Cri explore : creating icons at every new production to combine a direct speech with obsessions and instincts.